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x Please_STOP IT x

=> :]]!! What`s Happenin` With You All?? Why U All Are Tryin` To Give As Miley, Huh`?? :]]!! ALL OF YOU ARE JST SOME FAKES!! @Miley Doesn`t Have Time 4 This Site...B`Cuz This Site U Can Use Only 4 Boredom :[!! Just Stop Giving As @MilexxTer...B`Cuz You Would Never Become Like Her...NEVER....Understand??
You Can Have One Milion Proofs...But I Won`t Believe You...IDK Why Some Of You, Are Still Tryin` 2 Believe In All The Fakes :@!! .And Isn`t Jst About @Miley...Is About @Selena,@Demi,@Ashley..And Other Stars...But I Usually Talk About @Miles Because She`s My Idol...Especially Because I Met Her.....And Since Then, I Realized What Kind Of Girl Is Her =x=x....A Funny, Cute, Smart And Good-Hearted GirL...Not A Bitch Like Some Of You Does Her!! I Love Her...And I Keep Her In My Soul...She`s My Model...Please Stop Posing As Her....STOP IT!! Its Enough.....I Think Tht If She`ll Know How Many Girls Are Tryin` To Pose As Her And How Many Girls Are Trying 2 Make The People 2 Believe Her...4 The Reason That They`re @Miley.....@MILEY WILL GET CRAZY AND VERY ANGRY...Trust Me...:[!! Until Now..I Was Afraid 2 Tell 2 @Smiley About This Site...:]]!! TRUST ME!! I Have The MSN Of @Miles...And..I`ve Asked Her About @DEGET.NET...And..She Got Amaized....She Didn`t Knew What`s @DEGET...:@!! So You Might Stopp....:[[!!
Goshh!! You Made Me Very Angry....:@!!
Get A Life And Leave @Miless Alone!!

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alexutzXx 3 February 2011  
xOLyyzzxD 23 December 2010  
Da!! Si CyrussItsBack is a big Fakee!!
AvrilLavigneItsBack 23 December 2010  
idk what have all the ppl with that girl .
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