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=> Damn!! I Can`t Understand!! Who Can Explain Me?? Look: I`m Here....Of 6 Months,`Kay?? I Had Another Acc` Here, But I`ve Deleted It, B`Cuz Nobody Entered On My Acc :[ !! IT Seems That This Is Happenin` Again ;[[!! Nobody Enter On My Acc, B`cuz Everybody Is Busy Wiff The Fakes And Wiff Their Accounts...:[!!
I Made Here A Few Albums, Wiff The Hope Tht You`ll Leave Me Comments..But Nothin`...I`ve Deleted My Old Account 4 The Same Reason And I Don`t Wanna Do This Again!! :@ :@ :@
What`s Wiff U,All?? Now If Here On @Deget Are A LOT OF FAKES, U Don`t Have Why To Pass On The Others Accounts?? OMGee`...I Saw Everywhere A LOT OF Comments On The Fakes`s Accounts And On Our Acc`...Nothin`....Peace And Silence!! In My Opp`..I Have Cool Albums...Not Booring Albums...=[!! WTF IS HAPPENIN` HERE??
I Dn`t Wanna Delete My Account AGAIN!!
Please Leave Us Comme`s!!

OMGee.!! I`m So Nervouse!! Please Help Up =[!!

Wiff Love, SaKii` 4 Yaah =[

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